Sarah understands the challenges of teaching in a way that someone who hasn’t spent time in the classroom could not.
She also understands that teachers have a range of transferable skills which can be applied to many other situations as employee or entrepreneur.
Her support gave me the confidence to assess my own circumstances and skills in order to make an informed decision about my future.

Margaret, Sunderland


Sarah Lake’s courses, fantastic

Staff Member, Southmoor Academy


I was lucky enough to have Sarah supporting me in her capacity as a Union representative when I needed help in negotiating adjustments to my working arrangements in school, as I had a long term health issue. Sarah made sure she had a thorough understanding of my situation and of the requirements I needed in order to continue to fulfil my role. She was also sympathetic, caring and wholly reasonable in her approach, yet firm and steadfast when she needed to be.
She made sure that I thought not only of the here and now but also where I wanted to be in mycareer and outside of work in the future, so that I thought through the issues and took a practical and rational way forward.
Sarah is always immensely calm and measured, well prepared and broad in outlook, this attitude enables her to support and encourage people in whichever direction is the best for them. Behind this also is a gentle, quirky and engaging sense of humour so that one feels optimistic when working through whatever problem is being untangled.
I cannot thank Sarah enough for keeping me sane, positive and motivated when it would have been very easy to become depressed and to have given up. The-breakout-room is the perfect space in which to work out how you want to progress with Sarah’s help.
Pauline, East Durham