In Schools

I now offer workshops and seminars in schools and academies.  Use the contact form to speak to me about my off-the-peg courses, for your teaching and associate or support staff.

A Better Night’s Sleep

Learning to sleep better at night has got to be one of the single most beneficial things we can do.

This is my first off-the-peg workshop for schools.  This one hour workshop will work for both small and large groups and covers the following;

  • What is sleep hygiene?
  • Improve your good sleeping habits
  • Taming the Monkey Mind – cut down on waking up at 3am thinking about lesson plans

£169 for a one hour workshop – get in touch via my contact form to book your school’s session.

Time Optimisation for Teachers

I can’t wave a magic wand over teacher workload you I can give you and your colleagues strategies and techniques to manage workload better.  This one-hour workshop will help all educational staff and covers the following;

·         Find your 20% – identify the tasks that bring you and your students greatest success;

·         Identify your Prime Time – being aware of when and how we achieve most;

·         Time Optimisation Hacks – techniques that can be used immediately to optimise time management.

£169 for a one-hour session