Workshops in Schools


Courses that Make Lifnotebook.jpge in Teaching Better

I offer school based workshops and  in the north of England. Whether you need a one hour session on improving time optimisation for your colleagues or a series of sessions on holistic wellbeing improvement, I can help. Why not get in touch to discuss your requirements?

This winter I will offer in school training for staff groups on the following;

Time Management

Traditional time management methods don’t work easily in our profession. Rather than a complete methodology, this workshop provides colleagues with understanding of a range of strategies to develop systems that work for them.


Optimise your Daily Routines

Around forty percent of our daily activities are habits. By learning how to build effective routines we can improve our productivity, increase our wellbeing and move steadily towards our long-term goals.

The Secrets of the Happiest People

Rather than viewing happiness as something that can be achieved after our next pay rise, promotion, or even after retirement, this workshop shows that happiness is available to us all now, and in fact makes us do our jobs better. Attendees will explore simple strategies to re-establish and improve contentment with their current lives.

Sleep Like a Baby

We are a sleep deprived profession in a sleep deprived nation. Rather than accepting insomnia or treating it like a badge of honour, we need to get real on its very damaging effects. This workshop shows that with some simple strategies we can start enjoying better sleep again and a knock-on effect to our physical and mental health.


Each workshop costs £159 for a one hour course.