Start As You Mean to Continue

I hope every teacher reading this has had an amazing summer. You may have travelled abroad, been out for lunches and woken up each morning without any idea what you are going to do that day.
As the summer comes to an end, teachers start to get organised for the new term: visits to the hairdressers and dentist, new clothes and kids’ uniform and almost certainly some school work. We may be dreading the new term, or we may be looking forward to it, full of hope for our careers and what we can achieve.
Whether this will be our final year in teaching or the start of an exciting new phase we should start the year as we mean to go on. If we start each day like we did in the summer, that is, without a plan then we’ll achieve very little. If we wake up each morning, focussed on what we want to get done then we can finish each day with a real sense of achievement.
The trick is to have dreams and long-term plans but to focus daily on how we work towards these. So, I focus on building my blog’s reputation by writing each week as well as working each day on my mental health and physical fitness. The long summer break gives us the additional benefit of some time to reflect on what we really want out of life and our careers.
Life’s greatest achievers are ordinary people who are extraordinary in their daily habits and commitment. Very few of us ever feel that we can achieve remarkable things on the scale of Gandhi or Helen Keller but by keeping our goals in sight and working towards them each day we can have more rewarding and enjoyable lives.
The time to plan our daily targets is each night before bed. We should all take a few minutes each evening to reflect on what we’ve achieved during the day and focus on what we want to achieve tomorrow. You should identify no more than three targets for the coming day. Thomas Edison believed that our minds would work on these as we slept, “Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious.”
Planning for achievement in our day will bring success personally and professionally. As teachers, we constantly set targets for our students and have expectations set for us as professionals. By taking control of targets for ourselves we take greater ownership of our lives and careers. We can focus on furthering our teaching or taking steps towards a different lifestyle. It’s your future and it’s in your hands.

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