In my past life, as a full time teacher, I spent a lot of time trying to get things done. In my present life, I spend a lot of time reading how to get things done and then finding ways to apply them to teachers’ lives.
Occasionally, well established productivity techniques don’t work at all for teachers, usually they need a good tweak. Here’s one technique that can be used “off the peg.” My apologies if you use it already.
The Pomodoro Technique was devised by Italian, Francesco Cirillo in the late eighties. The technique simply breaks down your time into manageable chunks so you don’t lose focus.
When you have some planning, marking or other work to get done, get ready to start working and then
set a timer for twenty-five minutes. Put your phone out of reach, and if you’re online, tell yourself that you can surf for a minute or two after the twenty-five minutes is up.
You should find that you work effectively and without distraction for the whole time. Give yourself a break of a couple of minutes when your time is up and give yourself a longer break after four pomodori.
Use anything you want as a timer, there are even pomodoro apps. I treated myself to a cute little tomato shaped oven timer, the actual origin of the technique’s name. It’s too simple a method not to use.

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