I don’t want everyone to hear this, so come a little closer. Yesterday, at school, I had a coffee break in the staffroom. And worse, I ate my lunch with another colleague. It wasn’t a meeting, we just had a chat. You’ll be appalled to hear that I left school just a little while after the pupils. But worst of all, I relaxed in the evening.
Of course, you knew what was coming because of the title. You’ve probably guessed too that I do short term supply. If I took on a longer term position it would be back to the grindstone of preparing, marking and assessing. And I do mean all evening and a full day at the weekend, even in a supply role. Teachers are a conscientious lot after all.
If you’re a teacher, or a supply teacher, nothing I’ve said here will be a surprise to you. But the biggest confession, that I’ve yet to share with you is that I now love everything I do at work. I’m no longer too frazzled to smile at my colleagues, I sleep all night, rather than waking up stressed at 3am and most importantly, I’ve remembered why I chose teaching as a career.
Sadly, I left my full time job because of the relentless pressure but when we drop the current obsession with testing children and blaming teachers I can now see how teaching will be a great career again.

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